Company agreements

Good food at work gives happy employees!

Company Agreements


Are you fighting for old food in your common refrigerator? Do not you want to eat the lunch you smeared yesterday? Why not offer yourself, your colleagues / employees a delicious solution?


With a large assortment of high quality and fresh produce, we are the perfect partner when it comes to delicious, healthy and cheap breakfast.


At Nadia Sandwich we focus on stable service, flexible solutions and happy customers. We provide delicious food every week of the week, for either lunch, meeting, a trip out of the house, or other events.


Nadias Sandwich delivers fast to a number of companies and institutions that have chosen to invest in healthy, cheap and easy breakfast. We would also like to make an appointment that fits exactly to your company / workplace / institution.


A company agreement with Nadia includes the following options:


· Discount scheme (write for further information)

· Booking by phone, mail or online ordering

· Monthly bill, cash payment, credit card payment or electronic bill / EAN A company agreement is made to fit exactly the wishes you have.


Send us an email at and we will contact you for further information.


We look forward to hearing from you and hope for a good future cooperation



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